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Elite Force

Tasked with updating one of their IPs for the next generation, Sony Online Entertainment sponsored this student project. We remade a multiplayer first person shooter in the Unreal Development Kit. The product is a playable multiplayer experience with many professional features. Ultimately our team created the only playable build of this project in the 7 years Sony has been sponsoring different iterations of it. This my most complete, successful project to date.

Gold Rush

A 3D action/adventure game set in the old west. Battle zombie hordes and collect gold to win. This was a student project and thus a huge learning experience for me. It was built on the Unreal 3 engine.


This was my first Flash/Actionscript 3 project. It is a remake of the classic game "Asteroids". It was a simple project but I think the finished product is nicely polished and works well.

Level Editor

This project is a combination of several projects completed over the course of my studies. It allows the user to import terrain and mesh files into a scene. The user can then edit the terrain height and translate, rotate, and scale meshes. Scene files may be exported and imported, allowing the user to edit the scene over several sessions. The user also has the option to view the scene via several differing shaders and to take screenshots of the scene with custom resolutions. This tool can be used to create, export, and import 3d levels.


This game was my first iPhone project as well as my first mobile project. My team created an iPhone version of the wood-and-marble labyrinth game. The game uses accelerometer input to "tilt" the board and move the marble.

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